Terre à Terre announces Judith Lang will be taking over the position of Head Chef in October


Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor are delighted to introduce their new Head Chef, Judith Lang, whose extensive education and travel experience is already bringing much to the Terre à Terre table. She will take over the role in October having worked at Terre à Terre for a year and having already shown great confidence and imagination in developing and enriching the plant-based menu.

Judith studied Modern History at Oxford then professional cookery in Sunderland before moving to Japan for two years, working, travelling and growing the experience that informs her cooking today.

In her own words:

“Food and cooking to me are both inextricably linked to history and stories. You can make spicy, pickled cabbage and it can be great, or you can make Kimchi and have a link to Korean tradition spanning back hundreds of years: both are delicious but only one has magic in it. Great food should be evocative of times and places, both known and unknown.”

On her return to the UK, Judith worked at the highly renowned Jesmond Dene House Hotel and then Six Restaurant in Newcastle, a happy synchronicity for Amanda whose ancestors hail from Newcastle and Sunderland where they were renowned as both bakers and Brewers of “Powley’s” (but that’s a story for another time.)

Happily for Terre à Terre, Judith worked her way down the country via London and was drawn to the ethos and open imagination of the restaurant. Whilst classically trained, she recognises no limits to what can be achieved.

Again, in her own words:

“At Terre à Terre, alongside the long history of excellent food and the huge expectation of the regular customer and newcomer, the most exciting prospect is not being limited by specific geographical cuisine; bringing food from all places and societies together creates both memorable and celebratory experience.”



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