PHS Waste Management wins Silver at ZeroWaste Awards


Hazardous waste experts, PHS Wastemanagement, the UK’s leading specialist in the collection, disposal and recycling of healthcare and industrial waste, has won silver at the Zero Waste Awards for its commitment and innovative approach to reducing waste and recycling.

PHS Wastemanagement picked up the accolade for its specialist recycling plant in Loughborough, Leicestershire, which is a recycling facility that is capable of recycling 100% of an aerosol can, including collecting all the propellant gas.

Over the past 12 months, PHS Wastmanagement has collected approximately 1,900 tonnes of aerosols and successfully recycled 616.13 tonnes of metals, representing a metal recycling rate of 32%. Although aerosols have not contained ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) since 1989, they are still considered difficult to recycle because of the volatile liquids and gases they contain, even when the can is completely empty.
PHS Wastemanagement, part of PHS Group PLC, which has depots across the UK, has invested heavily its Loughborough plant to ensure that the whole recycling process has minimum impact on the environment.

Vanessa Hatton, Group Marketing Manager, commented: “We are thrilled that our dedication to the principle of zero waste has been recognised with this award, particularly as it relates to the recycling of aerosol cans. The process presents a host of technical challenges, all of which we have been able to surmount because of our determination to show that, with the right technology and know-how, an item that appears to be unsuitable for recycling, can actually be recycled in its entirety.

“We hope that the success of our aerosol recycling plant in Leicestershire will serve as an environmental beacon to industry, demonstrating that zero waste is achievable even with difficult to manage products.”

PHS Wastemanagement’s plant has been recognised by the Environment Agency as an example of Best Available Technology and represents the greenest, cleanest and most technologically advanced method for recycling aerosols. It has also previously been recommended by the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association for the disposal of high volumes of aerosols.


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