International Chef Exchange: Cliff at Cap, St. Lucia comes to The Restaurant at Drakes / SOLD OUT


As part of the International Chef Exchange and in collaboration with the Brighton Food Festival, drakes is delighted to once again be participating in this exciting and gastronomic event. It has been announced that drakes will on this occasion be exchanging Chefs with the highly acclaimed fine dining Cliff at Cap Restaurant at Cap Maison in St. Lucia. Executive Chef Craig Jones will be taking over the kitchen at the restaurant at drakes in Brighton for one night only on Wednesday, 26th August, 2015

Chef Craig will be working alongside top Brighton Chef Andrew MacKenzie to create a very special dinner showcasing his international culinary skills and in his unique French Caribbean fusion style. This gourmet, fine dining menu will not doubt heavily feature seafood as both restaurants are located on sea front locations, and will be accompanied by specially selected wines which best match and enhance all three of the featured courses.

drakes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, Carla ter Maat says, “We are thrilled to be participating once again in the Brighton & Hove Food Festival’s International Chef Exchange and look forward to hosting Chef Craig from The Cliff at Cap Restaurant of St. Lucia. The opportunity to exhibit our respective culinary expertise to our partner audiences of appreciative gastronomes is a great thrill. It provides an exciting opportunity for the Chefs to share different preparation and cooking practices, working with new ingredients and showcase the culinary delights of a land so diverse from ours.”

This event is the first part of a reciprocal exchange of Chefs and therefore Andy will, in return, take over the kitchen at Cliff on Cap restaurant in St. Lucia for the second part of this exchange in October.

The International Chef Exchange is an initiative created by the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival that sees leading chefs from London and the South East of the UK partner with colleagues abroad. The objectives are to share best practice, showcase quality food and drink produce to potential export markets, and to promote the gastronomic tourism offering of reciprocal regions.

Tickets for August 26th event in Brighton are available HERE


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