Profile: Erwan Mauro, Manager at Murmur Restaurant


Erwan Mauro, one of the city’s most experienced hospitality professionals, is now manager of the new seafront Murmur restaurant in the Kings Road Arches. He talks to Nick Mosley about his journey in hospitality.

What’s your background in hospitality?
As a child I always wanted to work in hospitality. I recall wanting to be a pizza chef at the age of five. But my professional career training started at 15 at the Saint Nazaire institute in France.

What specifically brought you to Brighton?
Birmingham was actually my first stop, but my husband Vince and I came to Brighton for a break back in 2000 and we fell in love with the place. I’m from a coastal town in France so I naturally gravitated to the seaside.

Where have you worked in Brighton?
Sevendials restaurant before it was renamed Sam’s at Sevendials, Due South, Riddles & Finn’s and for the past five years at The Grand.

You worked at The Grand for five years, what are the similarities between The Grand and Murmur?
Similarities are the great passion for food and customer service, the eagerness to please guests and amazing team spirit. With Murmur I’m aiming for a great place to eat which is welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

You worked with Murmur’s chef-patron Michael Bremner at Riddle & Finns, are you excited to be working together again?
It’s an absolute treat to work with Michael again. His passion for food, service, quality and the industry is immense.

From a professional perspective, if a customer doesn’t like something what should they do so you can remedy it?
Tell us straight away and give us their true feelings regarding their experience so we can adapt and exceed expectations. Sometimes expectations can be unrealistic but if they are voiced we can come as close as possible to make the experience memorable.

What are your top three tips for great customer service?
Firstly, read your customers to understand who they are and the reasons they come to dine. Secondly, treat them as if you were welcoming them to your home. And thirdly, remember that most of the time great customer service is the way you want to be looked after yourself.

Murmur, 91-96 Kings Road Arches, Brighton BN1 2LN • 01273 711900


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