Edendum: family run, Italian concept restaurant to open in Brighton 5 August

photo ©Julia Claxton

A family run Italian restaurant, café and speciality shop is opens its doors to the Brighton public on 5 August. Edendum unites top-quality Italian cooking with regional Northern Italian ingredients that are available to purchase and take home.

The restaurant aims to do more than just serving good food by providing a sensory experience in which sight, smell and taste are excited. Inside, the diner will be greeted with warm lighting and a sense of the family’s Italian homeland.

Diego Cacciolatti, managing director at Edendum, said: “We are very excited to be bringing the taste of our homeland to the people of Brighton. At Edendum we are proud of our roots in Piedmont (North West Italy) and we are looking forward to bringing these unique recipes to England. The products in store will allow you to recreate your favourites at home”

The restaurant will only be using fresh, seasonal ingredients and so the extensive menu will reflect this.

Edendum strongly believe in everyone’s right to know what they are eating, with a direct QR link on the jar or packaging linking to the complete technical information about the content within.

Within the shop, traditional production is at the heart of everything, with no added preservatives, but only natural ingredients and no GMOs.
Thanks to a constant search for the best recipes, Edendum products are authentic, natural and delicious.
In an era of globalisation, Edendum aims at rediscovering the taste of the real “made in Italy”.


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