International Chef Exchange: A Taste of Gibraltar, Iberia & North Africa

Victoria Garcia-Bishop presents a taste of Gibraltar during the BHFDF ICEx dinner at Jeremy’s Restaurant. photo ©Julia Claxton

The opening gala dinner for the Spring Harvest 2017 saw Gibraltar’s top chef Victoria Garcia-Bishop join forces with Jeremy Ashpool from Jeremy’s restaurant for a fusion dinner inspired by the cuisines of the Iberian peninsula and North Africa.

Guests enjoyed the menu below, with paired wines.

Aperitif nibbles and Fino cocktails
Seared tuna escabeche, pimento pepper gel, tomato glass

Inspired by the May Almadraba season on the western Coasta de la Luz in Spain: fresh tuna in traditional marinade, seared, and topped with pickled pimento pepper

Octopus, potato cream, picual olive, caper berry, smoked paprika

Slow-cooked octopus, thinly sliced and pan seared, served warm on a spoon of creamy smoky potato with an olive and caper salsa. The tastes and smells of the Spanish west coast!
Braised pork cheek rosto, calentita, broad beans, lemon

Two of our staple local dishes combined. Calentita is our national dish, similar to polenta but made with chickpea flour. Calentita is traditionally set in a pan over an open fire or oven, and was sold by street vendors to the passing public on the streets of Gibraltar. It dates back hundreds of years to when chickpeas were grown in abundance in Gibraltar. This dish was created to feed the troops defending our territory. Rosto is another classic local dish of braised pork in tomato, usually served with macaroni, but my version has pork cheeks marinated in Fino and Oloroso sherry.

2015 Verdejo, Montañar, La Mancha (organic)
Pan-fried seabass, romesco, smoked olive oil, toasted almond

Line-caught seabass, a smooth subtle version of romesco lightly infused with Pedro Jiménez sherry vinegar, cumin, lemon and dried peppers of the region.

2015 Albariño Rego do Sol, Dolores Fontan Limeres, Rias Baixas

Lamb tagine, prunes, steamed cinnamon couscous

Cooked low and slow overnight with prunes, honey and cinnamon, traditionally hand-made Moroccan couscous rubbed with Moroccan olive oil and plumped in a Moroccan couscous steamer.

2012 Les Crestes, Celler Mas Doix, Priorato
Almond syrup flan, strawberries infused with Agua de Azahar and mint

A recipe of my grandmother’s that spans many generations in Gibraltar, originating from the Jewish community – who hold the secrets to our best desserts.

Moscatel Emilin, Solera Reserva, Emilio Lustau, Jerez


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