Time for Tea (Cocktails!)



Friday 13 September 2013

7pm • Metrodeco, Upper St James Street

£15 tickets in advance from Metrodeco on 01273 677 243

If you want to know more about tea than the fact it usually comes in a teabag and is drunk with milk then this is the event for you!
As you sample teas and munch on delicious cakes, you’ll be taught fascinating facts about tea and the tea making process. You’ll detect specific notes in the brews such as ‘pissy’, ‘fishy’ or ‘goaty’. Well hopefully not – these are quite derogatory terms but actually words used in the language of tea.
Hopefully though you will learn what distinguishes a pu-erh from an Oolong and Silver Needle from a Darjeeling.
Once you have had your fill of tea and cake you’ll be invited to move on to tea cocktails laced with alcohol for those who enjoy a tipple. The ‘Devinely Decadent’ cocktail combines vodka infused with their fruit tea and ‘Metrodeco Devil’ infuses gin with green tea, lemon and ginger.
You won’t think of tea in the same light again. So if you want to eat cake and be merry – and all for a good cause then don’t miss this special event. Oh, and as if this wasn’t enough, you get to take home a sample of one of Metrodeco’s famous blends.

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