The World’s End pub goes virtual


The World’s End has relaunched and brought all your childhood fantasies to life, but with added craft beer and Asian fusion food, as part of one of the biggest refits in the Brighton pub world for a long while. But that’s not to say that the World’s End is turning its back on the pub essentials – they have 50 different craft beers on sale alongside all the bar essentials you’d expect.

The VR gaming has to be experienced to be believed. Once you are safely settled into the booth and have the goggles placed on your head you’re in another world. In The Brookhaven Experiment, brave players are thrown into a dark car park where they have to protect themselves against zombie attack.

Those of you with a more nervous disposition might want to throw bombs at each other in the cartoony BombU! Both these games, as well as the other on offer, are so immersive that you might be surprised to find yourself back in the pub when you take off the goggles.

The technology is beyond cutting edge, with the VR Concept team bringing four player VR gaming to a pub for the first time. The headsets are the very best available – from HTC Vive, hooked up to some serious computer hardware.

The remote-control cars are every bit as fun, with a huge track to race around with nine of your mates. Sitting in a sports car bucket seat – feet on the pedals and hands on the steering wheel – the game is extremely easy to get the hang off. Road rage is positively encouraged.

Cries of, It’s not fair! were dismissed by the Racing Bug team who explained that if one car starts to run more slowly due to, say, the battery becoming low, that information is relayed to the other cars who match the speed to keep the competition equal. That’s just a small part of the technology involved. The digital scoreboard keeps score for your race, remembering your best time across the night, something to real life commentary keeps you abreast of while you’re racing.

If that’s worked up an appetite then don’t worry, Baby Chow are on hand with their Asian fusion food. Steamed bun sliders range from braised pork with hoisin to kimchi double bacon burgers. Or try their fresh chow pot noodles or range of bites. All the flavours feel alive and vibrant, especially in this new environment.

The World’s End, 60-61 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JE • 01273 692 311 •


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