International Chef Exchange: Sussex visits Gibraltar


Chefs from Gibraltar, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK joined forces on Wednesday 18 October for an International Chef Exchange dinner hosted at the Wessex Lounge in Gibraltar.

The event was hosted by Vicky Garcia-Bishop, one of Gibraltar’s leading chefs and food champions, with guest chefs Bas Oonk from Basaal in The Hague, Katja Palmdahl from Lilla Spinneriet in Gothenburg and Eliott Buchet from Jeremy’s Restaurant in West Sussex.

Vicky previously participated in a dinner at Jeremy’s in Borde Hill near Haywards Heath in May as part of the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival.

Originally from Brittany in northern France, 24 year old Eliott became head chef at Jeremy’s eight months ago. Although trained in classical French cuisine, Eliott is a self-professed anglophile when it come to modern European cooking.

“Understanding the thought processes of the other chefs has been particularly interesting to me”, added Eliott Buchet. “I’m definitely keen to work on more exchanges”.

Over 80 guests enjoyed a four course dinner with matched wines, with each chef taking a course and preparing a welcome snack. The event also supported two local charities.

The International Chef Exchange was created four years ago by the team behind the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival and has seen chefs from Brighton and Sussex present dinners across Europe and as far afield as the Caribbean and Canada.

There are three key objectives to the project. Firstly to promote reciprocal partner regions as gastronomic tourism destinations, secondly to create opportunities to promote local and artisanal food and drink with a view to export, and thirdly to allow chefs and hospitality businesses to share best practice through learning techniques and sharing knowledge.

“I’ve learnt a lot from the other chefs, and we’ve shared a lot of fun over the few days together in Gibraltar”, Eliott continued. “Its an exciting way to promote Jeremy’s Restaurant and our county as a place for great food and drink”.
Vicky Bishop Catering
Restaurant Basaal
Lilla Spinneriet


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