Chef Profile: Dave Mothersill, The Salt Room


Nick Mosley, festival Director, ahead of the Gin Makers Dinner, catches up with Dave from The Salt Room.

What inspired you to become a chef?
The inspiration cam from my mum. I spent lots of time getting involved with helping my mum making cakes and Sunday roasts, I was never particularly academic at school so the creative side of being a chef always appealed to me.

What’s the ethos behind The Salt Room?
The Salt Room brings the finest fruits of the sea to the table for a dining experience to remember; we use our amazing location as inspiration for this. Our ethos is to take the highest quality ingredients and cook them over coal to enhance the flavours.

You’re famous for your Josper – what makes it so special?
The flavour and versatility of the cooking that we can produce from the Josper makes the food we cook stand out. At some point every part of the menu from the snacks and starters to the drinks are enhanced by the flame grilled flavour. We use charcoal in our mayonnaise and even our cocktail menu has elements. We make our own lime and lemon juice, by charring the fruit on the bars and then hand juicing them which gives the drinks a smoky flavour to accompany the food we serve.

In the forthcoming food festival at the end of August, you’re hosting a Gin Makers Dinner. Is working with gin instead of wines a challenge?
It allows us to be more creative and stray away from the norm. We looked at the botanicals and aromatics found in the gin as inspiration, all wonderful matches with seafood and fish. Coriander is a good example of this, from cooked coriander seed and coriander dust to the raw herb. We are taking a classic drink – the Gin & Tonic with lime with an oyster- think of an oyster cocktail. A dinner at The Salt Room would not be complete without experiencing our classic dish – The Surf Board and we’ve created a special for the evening with, juniper, liquorice, oranges and lemon peel.

What can people expect of the event?

Expect The Salt Room’s special take on a meet the makers dinner with East London Liquor Company, Blackdown Distillery and Chilgrove. All will take the opportunity to talk through their products and inspire you with stories about their gin journeys. We are privileged to be in an amazing location on Brighton’s seafront, so we are asking guests to join us for snacks on the terrace and a cocktail using Blackdown Sussex Gin before taking a seat in the restaurant and dining on our special menu.
We have collaborated the amazing talents of our bar team the front of house and kitchen using the local gin producers to create and evening of gin, food and conversation.

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