Brighton chef Michael Bremner of 64 Degrees talks about his new venture Murmur


Brighton chef Michael Bremner of 64 Degrees fame talks to Nick Mosley about his new beachfront venture Murmur.

What’s the Murmur concept?

With all the fine dining restaurants in Brighton at the moment, we really wanted to create something that is a bit more like a beach bistro/ everyday restaurant. A family friendly restaurant that won’t break the bank. Simple honest food that is well executed, and with a fantastic view.

What fundamental differences are there to 64 Degrees?

It couldn’t be more different to 64 Degrees. There are no small plates; it’s starters, mains and desserts, and we’re doing breakfasts from Thursday to Monday. It has a lot more colourful and it has an amazing view of the sea and the West Pier, plus its considerably bigger with 37 seats inside and 40 outside. We really want to focus on the ingredients. It is not always about having a dining experience, it can also be about having a great meal with family and friends where you can be well looked after and have a great glass of wine and trust that the food is well sourced with little fuss and just relax for a bit. And if you want the special dining experience then that’s what 64 Degrees is for.

Coming up with a memorable and relevant name for a new restaurant is always tricky. How did you decide on Murmur?

A company called Platform helped us with the design and name. Murmur is short for murmuration which is the shape the starlings make when flying between the two piers. As soon as we saw the name I knew that was the one.

How have you developed the Murmur menu? What kind of dishes and price point can guests expect?

Knowing me, the menu will change a bit here and there over the next month or so but it will be more set for a season with daily specials. Breakfast ranges from £5.50 for homemade granola to Springs smoked salmon with poached egg, avocado and sour dough toast for £10.50. Starters range from £7.50 for fish soup to £10.50 for Truffle tagliatelle, egg yolk and parmesan. Mains range from £12.50 for our Murmur salad to £18 for our Lamb rump with courgette and basil. Desserts are from £6.50 for our sour cherry panacotta and £9.50 for a selection of British cheese. We also do a fish of the day with new potatoes and watercress salad.

Do you envision any challenges to operating in a beachfront location?

My partner Carla and I met working in a restaurant on Brighton beach called Due South – and Erwan Mauro, our manager at Murmur worked with there too – so I think we all have a pretty good understanding of what to expect working on the beach. I think the weather will always be a challenge, but hopefully we can give people a reason to come down and enjoy the seafront.

In the forthcoming food festival, Murmur is hosting the ’64 Degrees on Safari’ beach BBQ event. What can we expect from that?

There will be some interesting things going on that night and I don’t want to give too much away but there will be interesting meats matched with some amazing wines and it is going to be a lot of fun. Fingers crossed for some sunshine.

Murmur is located at 91-96 Kings Road Arches, Brighton. For more information and advance tickets for the ’64 Degrees on Safari’

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